Bender Djedid Socioeconomic AssociationBender Djedid was founded in 1992 to provide education for young children as well as literacy classes for adults, health development of the communities, provide social assistance and assist poor families and to victims of disaster, promote income generating activities and small business development for durable and sustainable growth. Address: Centre Mira&‌icirc; B.P N&‌deg; 827 Cite Saoudi, Saline Quest, Djibouti
Contact Person: Amal Said
MER ROUGE Association des Femme Pour le D&‌eacute;veloppement Economique et SocialIts work involves support for women; provision of food and materials, guidance and counseling for HIV/AIDS victims and literacy classes for women.
Association RoumaneAssociation Roumane are implementing a project aimed at giving women a voice for the promotion and defense of their rights; the project targets the most vulnerable women to form cooperatives while incorporating rights trainings to improve their economic as well as rights awareness.
Contact Person: Fauzia
Gender Hope AssociationContact Person: Farhya Djama Ibrahim