Nagaad Umbrella Organization

Nagaad is an umbrella organization that is based in Hargeisa, Somaliland. Nagaad campaigns for the economic, social and political staus of women in Somaliland and also strengthens the capacity of its ember organizations to do effectivee project implementation.

Naggad undertakes a number of projects among which include; effective participation of women in the decision making pprocesses, advocacy for women’s human rights, violence against women and women’s participation in political processes through Nagaad political forum.

Women Action for Advocacy & Progress Organization (WAAPO)

WAAPO is a non-governmental, non- political voluntary organization based in Somaliland regions and is striving towards the empowerment of the Somaliland women and children through advocacy, attitude, program building, and creation of sources of income for women’s projects.


Somaliland Women Lawyers Association (SWLA)

The Somaliland Women Lawyers Association (SWLA) is a nonprofit making nongovernmental organization, working in Hargeisa. It helps women lawyers to offer each other mutual support and harness their professional skills.

Tisqaad Environment Network

Tisqaad Environment Network was founded in 2001 with the objective of encouraging the environmental politics and protection of natural resources, with a special focus on land degradation, loss of biodiversity and water scarcity.

Among Tisqaad activities include finding alternative power sources and encouraging their use among members, collaborations with key decision makers like the Hargeisa Municipality in their sanitation programs and campaigns to raise the communities’ awareness on sanitation.

Heegan Human Rights Network

Heegan Human Rights Network was founded in 2002 to advocate for human rights with special emphasis on women and children’s rights, document and follow up human rights violations, advocate against the suppression of women and minority groups in Somaliland especially against female genital mutilation (FGM).

The main objective of the network is to promote and protect the rights of women in all aspects socially, economically, politically and psychologically.

Heegan’s future will see the incorporation of HIV/AIDS, trauma counselling, children into her programme work.

Heegan’s main target are mainly women and children.

Somaliland Women’s Research and Action Group (SOWRAG)

SOWRAG is a women’s organization located in Hargeisa, Somaliland which carries out research for the promotion of women’s rights socially, politically and economically.


Women’s Action for Advocacy-WADA

WADA was established in Somaliland in 1994. Since then, its main focus is towards education and income generation initiatives for the women as well as advocacy for their rights.

Women Human Rights Environment and Education Association (WHEEA)

WHEEA is local women organization based in Somaliland, WHEEA’s goals involve women empowerment activities including fighting against violence against women, women political participation and women economy empowerment.


Barwaaqo Voluntary Organization (BVO)

BVO was setup by a group of gender balanced youth in early 1996 as non-governmental, non-political, non-profit making organization dedicated to the development of the marginalized communities in Somaliland and promotes their livelihoods.


Voices of Somaliland Minority Women Organization (VOSOMWO)

The Voice of Somaliland minority women organization acronym as (VOSOMWO) was officially launched n 20th august 2004 in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland, the founders are some minority women activists and human right defenders from the three outcast minority communities (Named Goboye, Tumals and yibirs) and other well-wishers from the majority clans. VOSOMWO is a non-governmental and non profit and voluntary organization. Working in Human rights, environmental protection and community development


Network against FGM/C In Somaliland (NAFIS NETWORK)

Network against FGM/C In Somaliland is a nationwide coalition against Female Genital Mutilation or cutting whose main aim is to combat all forms of FGM/C in Somaliland through coordination and networking, policy framework, research and documentation, capacity building for they key stakeholders and media awareness. NAFIS’ main focus areas include; FGM, Reproductive Rights and Self help groups or women and girls across Somaliland.

Email: Tel: +252 63 4000692