National Association of Women Organizations in Uganda (NAWOU)

NAWOU’s main office is in Kampala. This organization is an affiliate of the International Council of Women, and was formed to harness efforts of various women organizations in Uganda. NAWOU’s mandate is to build a strong movement among women organizations in the country.


MIFUMI’s main office is located in Tororo, Eastern Uganda and supports the needs of, and promotes the protection for women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse, as well as violations based on the tradition of bride price. The organization also works in close collaboration with partners in the Diaspora.

Regional Associates for Community Initiatives (RACI)

RACI is a Civil Society Organization established by Ugandan community development practitioners and social entrepreneurs to promote understanding, observance of inclusive peace, security reconstruction and development from a community perspective. RACI’s aim is to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas on promoting observance of international benchmarks and commitments; promote understanding of development peace and security, in particular the national, regional and international peace and security instruments, resolutions, declarations, and conventions that Uganda is a signatory.

Muslim Centre for Justice and Law (MCJL)

The Muslim Centre for Justice and Law (MCJL) is a Local organization formed in 2009 but officially registered in 2010 that is dedicated in promoting and advancing Justice, tolerance and human rights in Uganda. The organization has a primary focus on members of the grassroots communities and further encompasses the diverse community as a whole. MCJL has made considerable progress in scaling up intervention to prevent and eliminate all forms of Domestic Violence against Muslim women and young girls in Butambala and Kampala districts. Small scale initiatives have also been carried out in Mayuge, Namutumba and Iganga districts.

RuthFund – Uganda

A not for profit organization established in February 2014, incorporated as a legal entity number 181292 at the Registrar of companies. Ruth Fund was founded by women and youth activists who were concerned at the continued marginalization, invisibility and denial of rights of rural women and youth with a belief that once they are informed, they become visible to and empowered to enjoy their rights. RuthFund envisions rural women and youth able to lead lives of dignity, visible in plans and programs for human and physical development of Uganda.

P.O.Box 5405, Kampala, Uganda
Tel: +256 772466862/+256 712653004/+256772411279

Peace and Development Campaign International (PADCI)

PADCI was founded in the year 2012 and a registered NGO, with certificate number S5914/10052 and registration number 9656. Located in Palliisa district, PADCI’s overarching goal is to promote unity and peace through advocating for capacity building for individuals for peace. PADCI works to promote sustainable development, reduction of extreme poverty due to violence, reduction of illiteracy and promoting economic development of the community.

TEL: +256773351970, +256782257521

Century Enterprenuership Development AgencyENTURY (CEDA International)

CEDA International is a not-for-profit organization specializing in leadership, mentoring and entrepreneurship development. The organization’s vision is to create a new generation of women leaders who are economically independent and socially responsible. The organization was started in 2007 out of the great need to bridge the leadership and employment gaps among youth and women in Uganda. It provides employment and job creation skills to youth – girls and boys; women; community groups; persons with disabilities and people living with HIV/AIDS. CEDA International has established a platform through which young people and women’s voices and stories are shared and celebrated to ensure the promotion and protection of equal opportunities. The organization provides practical skills to people to enable them become the best at whatever they choose to do and remain competitive and relevant in the changing market.

P.O. Box 26895 Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256-312-103848, +256-772-418301