This report provides narratives, gathered during formal and informal conversations and focus grou

This paper comes out as a SIHA publication and it is the result of the collective work of SIHA members in Sudan, Somaliland and Ethiopia.

The SIHA Community Activism Guides (CAG); four papers developed by SIHA network provide an interesting analyses of the significant challenges to community activism encountering women organisations working on human rights

A guide for grassroots organisations to awareness and action on women's economic rights and their protection. It is a source of practical ideas and tools for respective programming and projects in the two Sudans.

SIHA'S activities for 2011-2012

Stories of Eritrean women reflect grave violations of human rights in their country and beyond.

Conflict: The relationship between parties who have a difference in interests an

The application of the parallel legal system to the Oromo women of Ethiopia.

Beyond Trousers reveals the public order regime to promote derogative concept of women and prevent them from executing their economic, political and human rights

A training workshop with women in south blue nile....

This is a research paper that sheds light on women's human rights in South Sudan. It addresses traditions, practices and views related to dowry, domestic violence, divorce and adultery that perpetuate....