Kaltun S.H Hasan

Ms. Katlun is a Gender Expert and Women Rights Activist form Somaliland. She has served in a number of positions within civil society organizations advocating for and working in women’s rights, gender equality and peace building. Additionally, she is the current head of programs of Women Advocacy and Progress organization (WAPO).

Ritah Akankwasa

Ms. Ritah is a civil society activist working in programme management, training, research, and policy formulation, and advocacy. She is currently the Head of Programme at MIFUMI UGANDA.

Mohamed Dahir Moalim

Mr. Mohamed is the Director of Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization (IPDO) which was established in 2000 by intellectuals from regions of Somalia. Iniskoy works on human rights monitoring and mitigating human rights violations as well as access to justice and issues of rule of law in Somalia.

Cecilia Daniel

Ms. Cecilia is a Board Member of SIHA Network from South Sudan and currently works as the Executive Director of Women Organisation for Food Basket based in Wau where she is serving for seven years now. Ms. Cecilia has over 20 years working with women and engaging with civil society within South Sudan.  She previously worked with Concern Worldwide as a woman program supervisor and with UNISCO as a women training focal point.

Dr. Faiza Hussein

Dr. Faiza is a lecturer at Ahfad University for Women at the Faculty of Family Science. Dr Faiza is a longtime activist advocating for women rights. She is the current chair of Babikir Badri Scientific Association for Women’s Studies based in Ahfad University, Sudan.

Meron Aragaw

Meron Aragaw Erkihun is a Lawyer by profession and has acquired her LLB from Addis Ababa University in 2006 and is currently pursuing a postgraduate studies in MBA. Meron has more than eleven years of working experience in working on the promotion and protection of the rights of children and women and is currently the Executive Director of Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA) one of SIHA’s member Organisations in Ethiopia.

Amal Salem Said

Ms. Amal Said is currently a SIHA board member representing Djibouti. She is an Education and Vocational Training advisor by profession and a board member of Bender Djedid community association. Through her work, she has developed extensive expertise in women’s education, empowerment, social support to vulnerable families and institutional mediation.

Elagak Abdel Monim

SIHA Advisory Board Member and a consultant in organizational development, civil society capacity building, human rights advocacy, education and training. Previously, he was also a Coordinator/ Researcher at Anti-Slavery International, trafficking in post conflict situations in Sudan and a Project Consultant/ Coordinator of Forum of Federations- Canada, Civil Society Consultation Process in Sudan. In addition a Human rights Education Officer and a Darfur Program Officer at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies in Egypt.

Dr. Sidiga Washi

Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences/Community Nutrition and former Dean of the School of Family/Health Sciences at Ahfad University for Women, Sudan. She has served in many leadership positions as a National Project Director for a Reproductive Health/Family Planning, Eradication of Harmful Traditional Practices Project of Ahfad University in collaboration with the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA). In addition, she served as Vice President for Africa Region for the International Federation of Home Economics for the cycle 2006-2010.

Dolly Anek Odwong

Ms. Dolly is a former chairperson and now member of the SIHA Advisory Board. She is currently a program officer with Skills for South Sudan. She is a former field coordinator of Sudan Women’s Voice for Peace and a trainer in peace building and conflict transformation. She is the former program coordinator of Women’s Action for Development, which conducted trainings in the Upper Nile Region of Sudan.